Mary Mattingly Pull, 2013

Robert Mann Gallery


Piotr Dumala’s 1992 short animated film

1st row: Lucia Moholy, Alfréd Kemény, László Moholy-Nagy.
2nd row: Lotte Burchartz, El Lissitzky (with pipe and cap), Cornelis van Eesteren, Bernhard Sturtzkopf.
3rd row: Max Burchartz (with child on his shoulders), Harry Scheibe, Theo van Doesburg (with paper hat), Hans Vogel, Peter Röhl.
4th row: Alexa Röhl (in all black), Nelly van Doesburg, Tristan Tzara, Nini Smit, Hans Arp.
5th row: Werner Graeff and Hans Richter (on the ground).

Source: Monoscop

Japanese Urban Projects in the 60s #Benaki (at Μουσείο Μπενάκη (Benaki Museum))

1966 Amazon Rally ad in 60s Greek fashion magazine Moda: auto racing exclusively for women!

Moda: browsing through my aunt’s fashion magazine

Rehearsal for Guilds of Art festival at CAMP! Opening today at 20:00 (at CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point)

#ab4agora closing (at Athens Biennale 4 AGORA)

Laurie Simmons for the 4th @athensbiennale #ab4agora (at Athens Biennale 4 AGORA)